The Navigator to Direct Democracy features direct democracy procedures and practices worldwide. It is being created as a global information and collaboration platform based on the general typology of modern direct democracy.

The typology distinguishes between three types of popular vote procedure: initiative, referendum and plebiscite. It contains 10 different forms of procedure and makes it possible to compare the repertoires and instruments of direct democracy of different countries.

The idea of the Navigator World Map is simple and straightforward: To move the cursor across the world map to any place you choose, and with a click on the mouse you will get reliable information about the status of direct democracy at that particular place. You will be informed about the procedures (initiatives, referendums, plebiscites) available on different political levels (see LEGAL DESIGNS) and their practical implementation. (LEGAL DESIGNS/Cases). The Navigator is an ongoing project; new cases will be added constantly.

We are looking for contributors willing to assist us in making this platform a most useful tool for people working with and interested in direct democracy. Feedback and comments are welcome. Please contact us or address one of the Navigator team members directly:

The Navigator to Direct Democracy
Democracy International

Please also visit the websites of our colleagues at:

Centre for Research on Direct Democracy (c2d)
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