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On 22 July 2021 we reached a milestone in more than 10 years of the Navigator to Direct Democracy. Case no 2.000 is Taipei City, the Capital of Taiwan and its system of i-voting (ivoting.taipei). People propose and decide online upon local issues. It shows how modern democracy can function in a vibrant metropolis, since 2017 already 76 times. We are especially honored that Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je send us a video message. He highlights to us the importance and strength of the local level in developing democratic procedures & values around the world. 

To see the video: Visit out Twitter-page at: https://twitter.com/democracyupdate


Welcome to the Navigator to Modern Direct Democracy – a unique global information platform about the legal fundaments of direct democracy. Here you find the legal designs of 1000+ instruments of direct democracy around the world plus additional analysis and news.

The Navigator is a scientific cooperation project of the Liechtenstein-Institute, Democracy International and the Swiss Democracy Foundation. The project is aimed at the scientific community and representatives of civil society, the media and politics. 

The idea of the Navigator World Map is simple and straightforward: To move the cursor across the world map to any place you choose, and with a click you will get information about the status of direct democracy at that particular place. You will be informed about the procedures (initiatives, referendums, plebiscites) available on different political levels (see LEGAL DESIGNS) and their practical implementation. (LEGAL DESIGNS/Cases).

This website is a project “under construction“. We are constantly updating our site with new information. You are most welcome to contribute to this project by sharing information about direct democracy around the world with us. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

On behalf of the Navigator-Team

Dr. Eike-Christian Hornig

Dr. Klaus Hofmann

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