Western Australia, Australia, local Popular or citizens initiative [PCI] - Special elector meeting in districts

General Typology

Popular or citizens initiative [PCI]
Western Australia, Australia
Political level
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Special elector meeting in districts
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Subdivision 4 — Electors’ meetings

5.26. Term used: electors In this Subdivision — 

electors includes ratepayers.

5.28. Electors’ special meetings

(1) A special meeting of the electors of a district is to be held on the request of not less than —
(a) 100 electors or 5% of the number of electors — whichever is the lesser number; (..)
(2) The request is to specify the matters to be discussed at the meeting and the form or content of the request is to be in accordance with regulations.
(3) The request is to be sent to the mayor or president. (4) A special meeting is to be held on a day selected by the mayor or president but not more than 35 days after the day on which he or she received the request. 

5.29.  Convening electors’ meetings 

(1) The CEO is to convene an electors’ meeting by giving — (a) at least 14 days’ local public notice; and (b) each council member at least 14 days’ notice, of the date, time, place and purpose of the meeting.
(2) The local public notice referred to in subsection (1)(a) is to be treated as having commenced at the time of publication of the notice under section 1.7(1)(a) and is to continue by way of exhibition under section 1.7(1)(b) and (c) until the meeting has been held 

5.31. Procedure for electors’ meetings 

The procedure to be followed at, and in respect of, electors’ meetings and the methods of voting at electors’ meetings are to be in accordance with regulations. 5.33. Decisions made at electors’ meetings
(1) All decisions made at an electors’ meeting are to be considered at the next ordinary council meeting or, if that is not practicable —
(a) at the first ordinary council meeting after that meeting; or
(b) at a special meeting called for that purpose, whichever happens first.
(2) If at a meeting of the council a local government makes am decision in response to a decision made at an electors’ meeting, the reasons for the decision are to be recorded in the minutes of the council meeting.

References: Western Australia Local Government Act 1995 (accessed March 30,2020)

Subject Matter:

To call a special electors’ meeting of a district 


Citizens of districts
Citizens of districts
Decision maker:
Electors present in Meeting


Number Of Signatures:
100 electors or 5% of the number of electors — whichever is the lesser number
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No deadline set
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No turnout quorum found
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No special approval quorum found
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No geographical quorum found
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