Taipei City, Taiwan, local Popular or citizen-initiated referendum [PCR] - I-voting

General Typology

Popular or citizen-initiated referendum [PCR]
Taipei City, Taiwan
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1. Proposal review stage

(1) Proposer and method of proposal: There are two types of proposals by administrative agencies and proposals by non-administrative agencies.

1. Proposal by the administrative agency: the administrative agency should fill in the proposal plan (the form of the i-Voting proposal) And reference principles (see Annex 1) and related information letters to the government (received by the research examination meeting), and add new proposals to the i Voting system.

2. Proposals from non-administrative agencies: The proponent can target various municipal construction development and administrative measures of the government. Plan and other public affairs topic proposals, the proposal method is to enter the Taipei City Government’s public policy network to participate Fill in the proposal plan in the "i-Voting Proposal" area with the platform (hereinafter referred to as the participating platform of the government) The proposal will be open for seconding after the inspection is passed. The proposal needs to be seconded up to 1,500 in total within 45 days. Then the above can enter the subsequent stage. The inspection methods and standards are shown in Annex 2.

(2) Withdrawal of the case: the administrative agency's proposal may submit an application for withdrawal of the case at least 1 day before the review meeting; A proposal by a non-administrative agency may withdraw its proposal before completion of seconding. The administrative agency should send an official letter to the government (received by the research and examination meeting) to apply for withdrawal of the case; The non-administrative agency submitted an application for withdrawal of the case regarding the login of the government's participation platform. Based on the information disclosure principle Then, the withdrawn proposal is still published on the i-Voting system or the local government’s participation platform "i-Voting "Proposals" area, for public browsing and inquiries.

一、提案檢核階段 (一)提案人及提案方式:包含行政機關提案與非行政機關提案二種。 1.行政機關提案:行政機關提出i-Voting提案應填寫提案計畫書(表件 及參考原則如附件1)及相關資料函報本府(研考會收件),並於iVoting系統新增提案上架。 2.非行政機關提案:提案人可針對本府各項市政建設發展、行政措施規 劃等公共事務議題提案,提案方式為進入臺北市政府公共政策網路參 與平臺(以下簡稱本府參與平臺)「i-Voting提案」區填寫提案計畫 書提案,經檢核通過後開放附議,提案需於45日內累計附議達1,500 則以上,始可進入後續階段。檢核方式與標準如附件2。 (二)撤案:行政機關提案至遲得於審查會議召開前1日提出撤案申請; 非行政機關提案得於完成附議前撤回其提案。 行政機關應以正式公文函送本府(研考會收件)提出撤案申請; 非行政機關於本府參與平臺登入提出撤案申請。基於資訊公開原 則,撤回之提案仍公開於i-Voting系統或本府參與平臺「i-Voting 提案」區,提供民眾瀏覽查詢。

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People, Administration
People, Administration
Decision maker:
Community assembly


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Available Time:
45 days
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Excluded Issues:

Issues must be in the responsibility of the City government

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Procedural Elements

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