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Popular or citizens initiative [PCI]
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KL 5:23, SFS 1994:692 (2010:1414), Grundlagen (accessed 19.06.2020)


2§ Cases Proposals about conducting a referendum to hold a popular vote on certain question may be presented at the local council by at least ten percent of citizens who are entitled to vote in the municipality - or the country council according to the law (1994:692) about municipal popular votes referendums (citizen initiatives).

The initiative must be presented in written form, stating the question according (2) and containing the personally signed signatures of the supporters initiators, the information required under chapter 5 22 §2 st, chapter 5, 37 §, the names, the personal identification numbers and registered resident addresses. To count the number of supporters initiators only those will be counted who signed the initiative during a period of six month preceding the submission.

37§ In case that a citizen initiative has been presented according to chapter 8 chapter 2 § the popular vote referendum will be conducted by a decision of the council if

1. the question that the initiative intends to ask is such that the council can decide on, and

2. especially two thirds of the present council members do not vote against it. At such a popular vote referendum36§, third paragraph will apply.

If more than 2/3 of the members of the regional parliament are against holding such a popular vote, the process can be stopped

Subject Matter:

Norms within the competence of the regional parliament.


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6 months
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No information found in legal source
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No special approval quorum found in legal source
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No information found in legal source
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At least 10% of the eligible voters within a province have the right to propose a new regional norm. For this purpose, signatures (paper-only) must be gathered within six month and have to include name, address, personal id-nummer and a signature. After submission the regional parliament has to 1) decide if the proposed norm falls under their competence and 2) the date of a popular vote and the questions to be put forward to the voters. If more than 2/3 of the members of the regional parliament are against holding such a popular vote, the process can be stopped. The popular vote should be hold within six months after the submission of the initiative and is legally consultative only.