Referendum on Political Reform

<p>&ldquo;A referendum on political reform was held in Slovakia on 18 September 2010, following a successful petition started as a civil activity along with foundation of the classical liberal Freedom and Solidarity (SaS), which later became the third-largest party in the National Council. 401,126 signatures were collected, with 386,000 found valid.<br />The referendum failed to meet the turnout threshold required under the Constitution of Slovakia, with only 22.8% of the electorate voting: far below the 50% required. Large majorities voted in favour of all six proposals, with between 70% and 95% supporting each proposal.<br />A turnout of 50% or more was required for the referendum to be valid. Only one referendum in Slovak history has ever crossed this threshold: the 2003 vote on EU membership (51.5% turnout).</p> <p>References: <a href=",_2010">,_2010</a><br /></p>