Querétaro, Mexico, local Agenda (setting) initiative [PAX] - Iniciar proyectos de reglamentos municipales

General Typology

Agenda (setting) initiative [PAX]
Querétaro, Mexico
Political level
Local Name:
Iniciar proyectos de reglamentos municipales
Normative Level:
Legally Binding:
Legally Defined:

Chapter Four
On the citizens' initiative
Article 56. The citizens' initiative is the prerogative that empowers citizens of the State to submit the following documents to the Legislature or to municipal councils:
IV. Draft municipal regulations;

Article 58. The citizens' initiative shall be submitted to the Legislature or the secretariat of the city council as appropriate, and shall contain the following requirements:
I. Application duly signed by a common representative of the citizens proposing the initiative, who must be at least one per cent of the citizens proposing the initiative. citizens registered on the nominal list of voters, residing in the State or municipality concerned;
II. A common representative to receive notifications;
III. No public servant of medium or superior command may serve as a common representative, in terms of Article 55 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States;
IV. Clear and detailed statement of reasons;
V. Concrete proposal and that to be seen on a single matter;
VI. Project in which the suggested text is clearly specified to reform one or several articles of the law or code in question and, when the suggested reform is integral or is a new law or code, the complete proposed article will be established; and
VII. An annexed document from the citizens who subscribe to the initiative, in which they expressly ratify the initiative in its terms. Said document will also contain the following data: name, autograph signature and voter's credential code and a copy on both sides of it of each of the promoting citizens. 

Article 62. Once the initiative has been declared admissible, it shall be submitted to the legislative procedure indicated in the Organic Law of the Legislative Power of the State of Querétaro or the corresponding municipal regulation. 

References: Ley de Participación Ciudadana del Estado de Querétaro, 2012 (accessed March 11, 2019)

Subject Matter:

To initiate local draft regulations


Decision maker:
City council


Number Of Signatures:
1% of the electorate
Available Time:
No information found in legal source
Geographical Quorum:
None found
Excluded Issues:

Article 57. The following matters may not be the object of a citizen's initiative:
I. The internal regime of the state or municipal public administration;
II. Internal regulation of the Legislature;
III. The internal regulation of the judicial power of the State; and
IV. Provisions on fiscal or tax matters. The Legislature shall flatly discard any citizen initiative that refers to the matters indicated in this Article.

Other Formal Requirements:

Procedural Elements

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