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Agenda (setting) initiative [PAX]
Nunavut, Canada
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Initiating a Plebiscite

Plebiscite authorities

7(d) the council of a municipal corporation;

(e) an education authority;


Public petition

11. (1) Persons eligible to be petitioners may, in accordance with this section, submit a petition to a plebiscite authority requesting it to initiate a plebiscite.

Filing municipal petition

(2) A petition submitted to the council of a municipal corporation must be filed with the senior administrative officer.


(3) The petition must

(a) concisely set out the question to be asked in the plebiscite on each page of the petition;

(b) describe the proposed plebiscite area;

(c) contain the full name, postal and civic address and signature of each petitioner;

(d) contain the full name and signature of the person who witnessed a petitioner's signature;

(e) contain a declaration by the petitioner that he or she is entitled to be a petitioner;

(f) contain the full name, postal and civic address, telephone number and any email address of the authorized representative of the petitioners;

(g) contain a signed statement of consent by the authorized representative of the petitioners; and

(h) set out the date on which each petitioner signs the petition.

Threshold number of petitioners

(4) The petition must be signed by a number of petitioners equal to at least 20 percent of the number of voters on the most recent voters list available for the proposed plebiscite area under the Nunavut Elections Act.

Certification of threshold number

(5) The Chief Electoral Officer shall, on written request, certify the threshold number of petitioners required under subsection (4) for a proposed plebiscite area, and a petition signed by at least that number of eligible petitioners is deemed to meet the requirements of that subsection for the proposed plebiscite area.

Eligible petitioner

(6) To be eligible to be a petitioner and sign a petition a person must, at the time of signing the petition, be

(a) a citizen of Canada;

(b) at least 18 years of age;

(c) a resident in Nunavut for a consecutive period of at least 12 months; and

(d) a resident in the proposed plebiscite area.

Signature of witness

(7) The signature of each petitioner must be witnessed by an adult person who must sign opposite the signature of the petitioner.

Question to be submitted

(8) The question set out in the petition must respect the criteria of section 8.

No changes to petition

(9) No name may be added to or removed from a petition after it is submitted to a plebiscite authority.


(10) A petition that does not comply with this section is not valid.

Guide for petitions

(11) The Chief Electoral Officer may prepare a guide to assist the public in the preparation of petitions.

Public awareness of petition

12. (1) On receiving a petition, the plebiscite authority shall, without delay,

(a) send the petition to the Chief Electoral Officer;

(b) take reasonable steps to inform the public and each municipal corporation in the proposed plebiscite area of the contents of the petition; and

(c) allow the petition to be inspected by the public during the normal business hours of the plebiscite authority.

Duty of authorized representative

(2) The authorized representative of the petitioners shall, from the date of the petition to plebiscite day, answer all inquiries about the petition from the plebiscite authority, the Chief Electoral Officer and the public.

Report on validity of petition

13. (1) The Chief Electoral Officer shall, within 30 days after receiving a copy of the petition,

(a) review the petition and determine whether it is valid under section 11; and

(b) send a written report on that determination, with reasons, to the plebiscite authority and to the authorized representative of the petitioners.

References: CONSOLIDATION OF PLEBISCITES ACT S.Nu. 2013,c.25 In force January 1, 2014 (Current to: February 25, 2016)

Subject Matter:

To submit a petition to a plebiscite authority requesting it to initiate a plebiscite.


Decision maker:
Local Plebiscite Authority


Number Of Signatures:
20% of the respective electorate
Available Time:
No deadlin found in the act
Geographical Quorum:
Excluded Issues:
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Specify Collection Mode:
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