Maryland, USA, regional Obligatory referendum [LOR] - Convention

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Obligatory referendum [LOR]
Maryland, USA
Political level
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Legally Defined:

Maryland Constitution, Article XIV, Section 2
It shall be the duty of the General Assembly to provide by Law for taking, at the general election to be held in the year nineteen hundred and seventy, and every twenty years thereafter, the sense of the People in regard to calling a Convention for altering this Constitution; and if a majority of voters at such election or elections shall vote for a Convention, the General Assembly, at its next session, shall provide by Law for the assembling of such convention, and for the election of Delegates thereto. [...]

Source: Constitution of Maryland (retrieved 22 June 2017)

Subject Matter:

Calling for a constitutional convention


Authority : General Assembly (legislature)
Law : Constitution requires the question be asked every 20 years starting in 1970
Decision maker:


Available Time:
Turnout Quorum:
Legal source does not mention turnout quorum
Approval Quorum:
The question requires the votes of a majority of the number of voters voting at the general election to pass (Maryland Constitution, Article XIV, Section 2).
Geographical Quorum:
Legal source does not mention geographical quorum
Excluded Issues:
Other Formal Requirements:

Procedural Elements

Wording Of Ballot Question:

Election Code, § 7-103
(b) General guidelines. -- Each question shall appear on the ballot containing the following information:
(1) a question number or letter as determined under subsection (d) of this section;
(2) a brief designation of the type or source of the question;
(3) a brief descriptive title in boldface type;
(4) a condensed statement of the purpose of the question; and
(5) the voting choices that the voter has.
(c) Duty to prepare question. --
(1) The Secretary of State shall prepare and certify to the State Board, not later than the third Monday in August, the information required under subsection (b) of this section, for all statewide ballot questions and all questions relating to an enactment of the General Assembly which is petitioned to referendum.

Source: Maryland Election Law Code (retrieved 22 June 2017)

Interaction With Authorities:
Supervision And Support:

Election Code § 7-105
(b) Questions submitted under Article XIV or XVI, Maryland Constitution. --
(1) For any question submitted under Article XIV or Article XVI of the Maryland Constitution, the notice required by subsection (a) of this section shall contain the information specified in § 7-103(b) of this title and a brief statement, prepared in clear and concise language, devoid of technical and legal terms to the extent practicable, summarizing the question.
(2) The statement required under paragraph (1) of this subsection shall be:
(i) prepared by the Department of Legislative Services;
(ii) approved by the Attorney General; and
(iii) submitted to the State Board by the fourth Monday in August.

Source: Maryland Election Law Code (retrieved 22 June 2017)

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