Lithuania, national Agenda (setting) initiative [PAX] - Consultative Referendum

General Typology

Agenda (setting) initiative [PAX]
Political level
Local Name:
Consultative Referendum
Normative Level:
Legally Binding:
Legally Defined:

Article 5. Consultative (Deliberative) Referendums
Consultative (deliberative) referendums may be held with respect to other issues of utmost importance to the State and the People, regarding which it is not necessary to hold a mandatory referendum, they are being proposed for a referendum by 300 thousand citizens having the right to vote or the Seimas.

Article 8. Determination of Results of Consultative (Deliberative) Referendum
1. A consultative (deliberative) referendum shall be deemed as having taken place if over one half of the citizens, who are eligible and have been registered in voter lists, have taken part in it,.
2. In the event, that over one half of the voters have taken part in the referendum and at least one half of those voters who have participated, have been in favour of the resolution, the resolution shall be deemed as having been adopted. The issue of the conducting of this referendum must be deliberated in the Seimas according to the procedure established by the Seimas Statute, within one month from its announcement.
3. In the event when fewer voters have taken part in the referendum, than has been stipulated in paragraph one of this Article, it shall be deemed that the referendum has not taken place, and the voters opinion voiced during its course, may be considered in the Seimas during the deliberation of laws and other draft legal acts.

Article 11. Collection of Citizens Signatures
5. A three-month time limit shall be established in order to implement the provisions of the right of the citizens initiative to call a referendum. It shall be calculated from the day of issuing the citizen signature sheets at the Central Electoral Committee.

References: Law on Referendum 2002, (accessed 23.04.2020)

Subject Matter:

Referendum on issues of utmost importance


Decision maker:


Number Of Signatures:
300 000
Available Time:
3 months
Geographical Quorum:
Legal source does not mention geographical quorum
Excluded Issues:
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