Canton of Uri, Switzerland, regional Popular or citizens initiative and authorities counter-proposal [PCI+] - Kantonale Volksinitiative

General Typology

Popular or citizens initiative and authorities counter-proposal [PCI+]
Uri, Switzerland
Political level
Local Name:
Kantonale Volksinitiative
Normative Level:
Legally Binding:
Legally Defined:

4th Chapter: Political rights and duties
1st section: Right to vote
Article 17
Voting and election rights.
a. General
All Swiss people are eligible to vote if at least 18 years of age and reside in the canton of URI and are not incapacitated due to mental illness.
In ecclesiastical matters, only the members of the Church, in affairs of municipality citizens only citizens who reside in the municipality are entitled to vote.
Those who are entitelt to ballot shall be entitled to participate in national elections and referendums, as well as to sign popular referendum requests and popular initiatives.
Who is eligible to ballot is eligible to be elected.

Article 20
Exercise of voting rights
The participation in the voting and elections and the municipal assemblies is a civic duty.

Article 27
Cantonal Citizens' Initiative.
a. Subject
With a cantonal citizens' initiative, the adoption, the amendment or the repeal of constitutional, legal or provisions may be required.
The cantonal initiative may request the dismissal of a public authority or the filing of a State initiative to the Federal Government.

Article 28
Cantonal referendum.
b. Form and procedure
Cantonal citizens' initiatives have to submit an elaborate design or a general sugestion. The Request to a complete revision of the cantonal constitution are allowed only in the form of a general suggestion.
Cantonal citizens' initiatives must be limited to a single regulatory area and must not contradict superior law or be for actual reasons impossible or contain an indefinite content. It must be signed by at least six hundred voters, whose right to vote is officially certified.
Cantonal citizens' initiatives have to be submitted to the people to vote no later than one and a half years after their submission. The Cantonal Council can face a counter-proposal to the citizens' initiative.

Article 120
Partial revision
Templates on the partial revision of the cantonal constitution will be submitted to an obligatory referendum by the Cantonal Council or by citizens' initiative.

Article 121
Complete revision
The Cantonal Council or on citizens' initiative can decide about the complete revision of the cantonal constitution.
The total revision is conducted by a Constitutional Council, which is elected by the people under the rules for the cantonal council elections. Members of the Council and of the Governing Council can be elected.
The rules on incompatibility and on the term are not applicable.

Article 81
Unless the law determines otherwise, decisions require to be valid the absolute majority of voters.

References: Constitution of the Canton of Uri, 1984, (2019) (Accessed 14.11.2019)

Subject Matter:

Adoption, the amendment or the repeal of constitutional, legal or provisions; filing of a state initiative


Decision maker:
Lead of counter proposal:
Council of the Canton


Number Of Signatures:
Available Time:
2 months
Turnout Quorum:
Approval Quorum:
absolute majority
Geographical Quorum:
Excluded Issues:
Other Formal Requirements:

Article 66
Submission and treatment
If a citizens' initiative has been submitted, so the Governing Council or the community-, citizens - or Council of Churches will determine the number of valid signatures.
Excreted as invalid:
a) signatures which have been certified and submitted not within the referendum period or initiatives within a period of two months, counting back from the date of receipt of the request.
(b) signatures on an invalid sheet (article 63, 70 and 79);
(c) signatures, representing not the requirements of article 64;
(d) signatures, which are obviously drawn by the same hand.
Defects of the voting rights certificate, for which the administration is to blame for, the authority itself will heal as far as the conclusion of the initiative depends on it.

Article 68
Further processing
When the cantonal initiative is concluded it will be transmitted from the Governing Council to the Council of the Canton, with notice, about which the Cantonal Council has to debate, whether it whether the initiative is wholly or partially invalid, namely because it violates superior law, the content being indeterminate or for actual reasons being impossible. The message may contain factual considerations and proposals. The Cantonal Council decides on the validity of the initiative. The decision shall be published in the cantonal official journal.

1st Subsection:
Article 69 Form
Initiatives in accordance with article 48 paragraph 3 point (e) of the cantonal constitution - apart from requests to recall an authority and complete revision of the cantonal constitution €“ can be submitted as general suggestion or an elaborate design.
Initiatives have to preserve the unity of matter and form, otherwise they be declared invalid by the Cantonal Council or by the municipal, civic or Council of churches.
The unit of matter is maintained, if there is a factual connection between the different parts of an initiative.
The unity of form is maintained, if the initiative is exclusively either in the form of an elaborated draft or the general suggestion.

Article 70
Signature list
In addition to the information required by article 63, the signature list for initiatives have to contain:
(a) the wording of the initiative;
(b) an unconditional withdrawal clause;
(c) the names and residence addresses of at least three authors of the initiative (initiative Committee).

Article 71
Initiative in cantonal Affairs
1st) Ballot
If the request in the form of elaborated design does not conflict with reasons of invality, the Cantonal Council shall submit it unchanged,with or without a counter-proposal, to the people to vote, at the latest after one and a half years since the submission.
If the request concerns a general suggestion, with which the Cantonal Council aggrees, the referendum is omitted, unless the initiative stimulates the complete revision of the cantonal constitution.

Article 72
2. Execution of general suggestions
If the people or the Cantonal Council agree with the general suggestion the Governing Council shall submit an elaborated draft.

Procedural Elements

Collection Mode:
Specify Collection Mode:
Wording Of Ballot Question:

Article 73
3. Procedure in case of double votings
If the Cantonal Council faces a counter-proposal to a people initiative in the form of elaborate design, so people will vote on both proposals at the same time.
Following questions are presented on the same ballot to the voters:
(a) Do you want to accept the initiative (title follows)?
(b) Do you want to accept the counter-proposal (title follows)?
(c) In case in the ballot both, the initiative and the counter-proposal, are accepted, do you prefer the initiative (1) or the counter-proposal (2)?
3. All three questions can be answered independently of each other.

Interaction With Authorities:
Supervision And Support:
Transparency And Finance:



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