California, USA, regional Obligatory referendum [LOR] - question whether to call a convention to revise the Constitution

General Typology

Obligatory referendum [LOR]
California, USA
Political level
Local Name:
Question whether to call a convention to revise the Constitution
Normative Level:
Legally Binding:
Legally Defined:

Constitution of California 1897
Article XVIII, Section 2
The Legislature by rollcall vote entered in the journal, two-thirds of the membership of each house concurring, may submit at a general election the question whether to call a convention to revise the Constitution. If the majority vote yes on that question, within 6 months the Legislature shall provide for the convention. Delegates to a constitutional convention shall be voters elected from districts as nearly equal in population as may be practicable.

Source: Constitution of California (accessed 7 Dec. 2016)

Subject Matter:

Calling a constitutional convention


Authority : Legislature with a 2/3 majority
Law : Constitution
Decision maker:


Available Time:
Turnout Quorum:
Legal source does not mention turnout quorum
Approval Quorum:
Majority of voters
Geographical Quorum:
Legal source does not mention geographical quorum
Excluded Issues:
Other Formal Requirements:

California Election Code

Every constitutional amendment, bond measure, or other legislative measure submitted to the people by the Legislature shall appear on the ballot of the first statewide election occurring at least 131 days after the adoption of the proposal by the Legislature.

Source: California Election Code (accessed 7 Dec. 2016)

Procedural Elements

Wording Of Ballot Question:

Arguments written by the author of the measure, appointees, and/or voters will appear along with the ballot question

Source: California Election Code 9041 - 9044 (accessed 7 Dec. 2016)

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Supervision And Support:
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