Asturias, Spain, regional Agenda (setting) initiative [PAX] - Iniciativa legislativa popular

General Typology

Agenda (setting) initiative [PAX]
Asturias, Spain
Political level
Local Name:
Iniciativa legislativa popular
Normative Level:
Legally Binding:
Legally Defined:

Article 31.

1. The initiative for the exercise of the legislative power recognised in article 23 of this Statute corresponds to the members of the General Assembly and the Governing Council. The law lays down rules about the initiative of town councils and the popular initiative about matters which are in the exclusive competence of the Autonomous Community.

References: ESTATUTO DE AUTONOMÍA DEL PRINCIPADO DE ASTURIAS, 1982 (1999) (retrieved 24 February 2017)

Article 7.

The popular initiative is exercised through the submission of proposals of law, subscribed by the signatures of at least 10,000 people who are of legal age and enjoy Asturian political rights.


2. The procedure of collecting signatures must end in within three months beginning from the notification referred to in the preceding paragraph.

Article 10.

Received the notification of admission of the proposition, the Promoter Committee will proceed to the collection of signatures on stamped paper, which necessarily is reproduced, headed with the text of the proposition. If it is necessary to use more than one sheet, those shall be joined together before the collection of signatures, filed by a notary at the end of the last of them, leaving evidence of the numbering and class of the previous sheets.

Article 12.


2. By the count of signatures, signatures shall be declared invalid which do not fulfil the requirements laid down in the preceding articles. If, after this operation, the number of valid signatures is equal to or greater than 10,000, the officers of the Table of the Junta General will order the publication of the proposition of law, so being able to be included in the agenda of the plenary for taking into consideration.

3. The discussion will begin by reading the document referred to in article 8, paragraph 2 th, b), of this law by one of the clerks of the House.

4. The parliamentary groups will discuss it, being in favor or against to take the proposition of law into consideration.

5. As a result of the debate, where appropriate, the processing will continue in accordance with the regulations of the Junta General provisions for propositions of law.

References: Ley 4/1984, de 5 de junio, reguladora de la iniciativa legislativa de los Ayuntamientos y de la iniciativa popular. (Retrieved 24 February 2017)

Subject Matter:

To suggest a law proposal


Decision maker:


Number Of Signatures:
Available Time:
3 months
Geographical Quorum:
Excluded Issues:
Other Formal Requirements:

Article 7.

2. The notice of presentation must be accompanied by:

(a) the articulated text of the proposition of law, preceded by an explanatory memorandum.

(b) a document that details the reasons which advise, in the view of the signatories, the processing and approval the proposition of law by the General Assembly.

(c) the relationship of the members comprising the Promoter Committe of the initiative, with the expression of the personal data of all of them.

Procedural Elements

Collection Mode:
Specify Collection Mode:

Article 11.

1. With the signing of the proponent he indicates name and surname, number of the national document of identity and address.

2. The signatures will be well authenticated by public notaries, either by special jurymen appointed by the Promoter Committe by public deed before a notary.

3. The special jurymen, which must be of legal age, lack of a criminal record and enjoying Asturian political rights, will incur, in case of falsehood, criminal responsibilities provided for in the law.

Interaction With Authorities:
Supervision And Support:
Transparency And Finance:

Article 13.

The Principality of Asturias shall indemnify the Promoter Committe by expenditures made and duly accredited in an amount that does not exceed one million pesetas. This amount will be updated periodically in the General budgets of the Principality of Asturias.



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