Arkansas, USA, regional Obligatory referendum [LOR] - Submission of a proposed constitution to electors

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Obligatory referendum [LOR]
Arkansas, USA
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Submission of a proposed constitution to electors
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Arkansas Code of 1987

7-9-310. Submission of proposed constitution to electors.

(a) The constitutional convention may submit a new constitution as one (1) proposal to be voted on by the people, and it may submit proposed parts or alternative parts of a new constitution for separate votes. The proposals of the convention shall be submitted to the electors of this state for adoption or rejection at the general election held next following adjournment sine die of the convention.
(2) If a majority of the electors of the state voting thereon at the general election shall vote against the proposed constitution, it shall be deemed rejected by the electors, and the existing Arkansas Constitution shall continue to be the Arkansas Constitution until changed as provided by law. In the event that proposed parts or alternative parts of the new constitution are submitted for separate vote and that the people shall reject the new constitution, then all proposed parts or alternative parts for a new constitution voted upon separately shall be deemed rejected [...].

7-9-311. Proposal of amendments to present constitution.

The constitutional convention, if it shall not propose a new constitution, may propose one (1) or more amendments to the present constitution to be submitted to the voters at the next general election.

Source: Arkansas Code of 1987 (accessed 1 Feb. 2017)

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Amending and replacing the state constitution via constitutional convention


Constitutional Convention
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Legal source does not mention turnout quorum
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Majority of votes
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Legal source does not mention geographical quorum
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