The Direct Democracy Navigator is happy to introduce our new feature, the Comparison-Tools. 

The Comparison Tool offers the possibility to search the Navigator database more easily. It will allow you to receive a simple overview and explore side-by-side comparisons of the instruments in a more detailed manner. 

To make use of the Comparison Tool, please be aware of the democratic instruments categorized in the Navigator here.

There are three options to compare the legal instruments across countries. All Comparison Tools additionally provide an specific  preselection of countries which are member states of the European Union.

Compare Overview

A chart will appear listing the number of each instrument type for each country selected.

Compare Detail

A chart will appear showing you a side-by-side country comparison of the instrument type, the number of signatures (exception: the obligatory referendum), the allotted time to collect signatures, and the approval and turnout quorum.

Compare Download

An excel table will appear in your downloads that will show you the instruments listed in the Navigator, according to country and type of instrument, the subject matter, the number and allotted time to collect signatures (in the cases of initiatives and referendums), the approval, turnout and geographical quorum, the excluded issues.