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Welcome to the Navigator to Modern Direct Democracy – a unique global information platform on modern participative democracy hosted and facilitated by Research Center of Citizen Participation/Institute for Democracy And Participation Research of the University of Wuppertal in cooperation with Democracy International, the IRI Europe, supported by swissinfo and people2power.

This website is a project “under development“ and aims to eventually feature all available procedures (legal designs), practices (case studies) and events of modern direct democracy in all jurisdictions (local, regional, national, transnational) across the world. In order to facilitate collaboration, we believe that a standardized approach is necessary and we will therefore make reference to a common typology (instruments) of popular vote procedures on substantive issues.

You are most welcome to browse the Navigator as a user and to participate in developing this new tool by becoming a commentator or contributor of the Navigator. Please read more about this project and do not hesitate to contact us.

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Direct democracy consists of collecting signatures, lively discussions and facts. This is because one needs to know about the available legal instruments of direct democracy in order to make a change. Working for the “Navigator to Direct Democracy”, I have been adding cases of direct democracy for more than five years. On average, this means a case each day. Today, the Navigator lists 1500 cases at national level. It has become a gold nugget for democracy activists and science alike.

This year, the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy took place in Donostia/San Sebastian. 200 participants form six continents discussed how to implement direct democracy at local and regional level. I spoke to many participants. They asked me to complement the Navigator to Direct Democracy with all legal instruments that exist at regional level in the world. For example, one participant from San Sebastian asked me to list the autonomous regions of Spain. I very much would like to fulfil this request. Yet to make this happen, more resources are required. That’s why I need your help.

Spain consists of 16 autonomous regions, and each region has its special forms of direct democracy. In order to add these cases to the Navigator, all laws of direct democracy must be researched, translated into English, edited and put online. This means additional costs for translation. For Spain concretely, we need 900 Euros, to be financed by this pledge for donations.

Please help the Navigator and realise this project. Your donation will allow us to provide activists and scientists alike with more information about direct democracy. 

Or, to put it another words: More knowledge means more democracy.

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Dr. Klaus Hofmann


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