Zurich, Switzerland, regional Popular referendum and counter-proposal [PCR+] - Volksreferendum

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Popular referendum and counter-proposal [PCR+]
Zürich, Switzerland
Political level
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Article 1
The State power is based on the people. It is exercised by the voters and the authorities.

Article 33
Optional referendum
The people are subjected on request to the vote on:
a. the adoption, the amendment or repeal of laws;
b. intercantonal and international treaties, whose Inhalt has the status of law;
c. decisions of the Cantonal Parliament, which are under the Referendum Act;
d. decisions of the cantonal Parliament of:
1. new one-time expenses of more than 6 million Swiss francs,
2. new recurrent expenditure of annually more than 600 000 francs;
e. decisions of the Council of of Canton of fundamental importance, which have a long-term impact on the general foundations of life;
f. the principles of debate opinions of the Council of the Canton on templates of the Federal Government, which are of fundamental importance, have a long-term impact on the general foundations of life and are at the federal level not subject to a referendum.

A referendum may request by:
a. 3000 voters (popular referendum);
The referendum must be required in written form within 60 days after the official publication of the Cantonal Council decision. (..)

References: Constitution of the Canton Zurich, 2005 (2018) (Accessed 18.11.2019)

Subject Matter:

To call a referendum on laws and certain decisions of the Cantonal Council, also on basis of a counter-proposal


Council of the Canton
Decision maker:


Number Of Signatures:
Available Time:
60 days
Turnout Quorum:
Approval Quorum:
Geographical Quorum:
Excluded Issues:
Other Formal Requirements:

Procedural Elements

Collection Mode:
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Wording Of Ballot Question:

Article 34
Part - and Variant vote
For the case of a referendum, the Cantonal Council may exceptionally decide:
a. to contrast the whole template or individual provisions with variants;
b. to vote in addition to the whole template also on individual provisions.
If there is no referendum, the main template adopted by the Cantonal Parliament applies.

Article 36
Competing templates
In case of two templates are on the ballot, which contradict each other, voters will be able to agree with both templates and specify which one they prefer.

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Transparency And Finance:



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