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General Typology

Popular or citizens initiative and authorities counter-proposal [PCI+]
Zürich, Switzerland
Political level
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Article 1
The State power is based on the people. It is exercised by the voters and the authorities.

B. Right of initiative
Article 23
Subject of the initiative
An initiative may be required at any time for:
a. the total or the partial revision of the Constitution (constitutional initiative);
b. the adoption, the change or the repeal of a law (legislative initiative);
d. the submission of a Initiative of the Cantons;
e. the opening of negotiations on the conclusion or modification of an intercantonal1 or international treaty, which is under the referendum, or the termination of such contract.

Article 24
Author of the initiative
An initiative can be submitted by:
a. 6000 voters (people's initiative);

Article 27
Conclusion of the popular initiative
The popular initiative is concluded, if it is filed within six months after completion of the preliminary examination with the required signatures.

Article 30
Counter-proposal at people's initiatives
The Cantonal Council may contrast the initiative, or the template that he been drawn up on the basis of a popular initiative with a counter-proposal. This must have the same legal form as the main template.
If the Cantonal Council elaborates a counter-proposal, the ballot will be conducted within 36 months of the submission of the initiative.

C. Referendums
Article 32
Mandatory referendum
The people are subjected to the vote on:
c. initiatives in the form of elaborate design, with which the Cantonal Council disagrees;
d. initiatives in the form of the general suggestion that the cantonal Parliament does not want to implement;
e. people initiatives which the Cantonal Council contrasts with a counter-proposal;

References: Constitution of the Canton Zurich, 2005 (2018) (Accessed 18.11.2019)

Subject Matter:

To suggest amendments to the constitutions, laws, `initiative of the Cantons', opening on negotiations on trans-cantonal levels.


Decision maker:


Number Of Signatures:
Available Time:
6 months
Turnout Quorum:
Approval Quorum:
Geographical Quorum:
Excluded Issues:
Other Formal Requirements:

Procedural Elements

Collection Mode:
Specify Collection Mode:
Wording Of Ballot Question:

Article 34
Part - and Variant vote
For the case of a referendum, the Cantonal Council may exceptionally decide:
a. to contrast the whole template or individual provisions with variants;
b. to vote in addition to the whole template also on individual provisions.
If there is no referendum, the main template adopted by the Cantonal Parliament applies.

Article 36
Competing templates
In case of two templates are on the ballot, which contradict each other, voters will be able to agree with both templates and specify which one they prefer.

Interaction With Authorities:
Supervision And Support:

Article 26
Preliminary examination of the popular initiative
A popular initiative is tested before the start of the signature collection for compliance with the formal requirements.

Article 28
An initiative is valid, if it:
a. maintains the unity of matter;
b. t not violate superior law;
c. is not manifestly impracticable.
If the Cantonal Council declared a people's initiative invalid, which does not meet these conditions. It can declare it partly valid or splitting it.
The Cantonal Council decides by a majority of two-thirds of the members present.

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