West Virginia, USA, local Popular or citizens initiative [PCI] - Petition (county commissions)

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Popular or citizens initiative [PCI]
West Virginia, USA
Political level
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Petition (county commissions)
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Legally Binding:
Legally Defined:

9-13.  Reformation of county commissions.
The Legislature shall, upon the application of any county, reform, alter or modify the county commission established by this article in such county, and in lieu thereof, with the assent of a majority of the voters of such county voting at an election, create another tribunal for the transaction of the business required to be performed by the county commission created by this article. 

Whenever a county commission shall receive a petition signed by ten percent of the registered voters of such county requesting the reformation, alteration or modification of such county commission, it shall be the mandatory duty of such county commission to request the Legislature, at its next regular session thereafter, to enact an act reforming, altering or modifying such county commission and establishing in lieu thereof another tribunal for the transaction of the business required to be performed by such county commission, such act to take effect upon the assent of the voters of such county, as aforesaid. Whenever any such tribunal is established, all of the provisions of this article in relation to the county commission shall be applicable to the tribunal established in lieu of said commission. When such tribunal has been established, it shall continue to act in lieu of the county commission until otherwise provided by law.

References: Constitution of West Virginia (accessed Oct. 18, 2021)

Subject Matter:

To suggest reforming, altering or modifying a county commission


Decision maker:
Local electorate


Number Of Signatures:
10% of resp. electorate
Available Time:
No information found in legal source
Turnout Quorum:
Approval Quorum:
Majority of voters
Geographical Quorum:
Excluded Issues:

Single issue

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