Vorarlberg, Austria, local Plebiscite [ATP] - Volksabstimmung nach dem Gemeindegesetz

General Typology

Plebiscite [ATP]
Vorarlberg, Austria
Political level
Local Name:
Volksabstimmung nach dem Gemeindegesetz
Normative Level:
Legally Binding:
Legally Defined:

§ 22


(1) In matters relating to the municipality's own sphere of activity, decisions may be taken or decreed by a vote of the voters of the municipality (§ 20) (referendum). A referendum shall be ordered by order of the mayor if i(..) if it is decided by the municipal representative body (..)

(3) Administrative acts addressed to specific persons may not be the subject of a referendum.

(4) The municipality's statement on a change in the population pursuant to § 7, Sub-Clause 1 shall be made on the basis of a referendum, with a separate vote in the part of the territory concerned.

(5) The result of a referendum shall be made public.

Referenxes: Gemeindegesetz, 1985 (accessed Oct. 6, 2018)

§ 69

Determination of the result of the vote

(2) The Municipal Electoral Authority shall announce the final result of the referendum by posting it on the official board of the municipality and, if there is an Official Gazette ( Municipal Gazette) for the municipality, also in the Official Gazette. If a municipality has a homepage on the Internet, it must also make the result available to the general public on the homepage.

(3) The decision of the people takes the place of the decision of the otherwise competent municipal body. As far as further decisions are necessary, these are to be made by the responsible municipality organ.

References: Landes-Volksabstimmungsgesetz, 1987 (accessed Oct. 6, 2018)

Subject Matter:

To decide on matters relating to the municipality's own sphere of activity


Municipal Council
Municipal Council
Decision maker:


Available Time:
Turnout Quorum:
No turnout quorum found in legal source
Approval Quorum:
Geographical Quorum:
No geographical quorum found in legal source
Excluded Issues:

Administrative acts addressed to specific persons may not be the subject of a referendum.

Other Formal Requirements:

Procedural Elements

Wording Of Ballot Question:
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