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Agenda (setting) initiative [PAX]
Saarland, Germany
Political level
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Article 98a

Agenda initiatives be can be addressed to Parliament to deliberate about certain issues of the political will within the framework of its competence. At the request of at least five thousand inhabitants of Saarland, who are at least 16 years old at the time of signing, the Parliament shall deliberate about the request.

References: Verfassung des Saarlandes, 1947 (accessed Jan. 06, 2020)

Second section: Agenda initiative

§ 2 Application 

(1) The application for treatment of a agenda initiative is to be addressed in writing to the President of the Parliament.

(2) The application must contain

1. a detailed description of object of the political process, with which the Parliament shall deal,

2. the support for the initiative of people through personal and handwritten signature of at least 5,000 inhabitants of the Saarland, which must be at least 16 years old at the time of the signing. Signing may be made no earlier than six months prior to receipt of the request to the President of the Parliament.

3. proof of sole residence or the main residence and age by means of a certificate to be given free of charge by the competent municipality,

4. the name of a representative and a deputy, who in the name of the applicants shall be entitled to submit and to accept declarations; If this remark is missing the first signatory is regarded as representative, the second signatory as deputy representative.

(3) If the application contains defects, as the Chairman of the Committee responsible for verification of elections asks immediately the representative to remedy them within one month.

After the deadline, the defects can no longer be corrected.

§ 3 Treatment of the application 

(1) The State legislature decides through the responsible Committee for examination of election within three months after receipt of the request, whether it deals with the agenda initiative. The responsible Committee shall listen to the applicants about the admissibility of the application before taking a decision. This deadline is inhibited in the session-free time of the Parliament. The Chairman of the Committee responsible for verification of elections shall notify the representative about the decision and, if the request is rejected, about the reasons. Negative decisions of the Parliament can be challenged before the Constitutional Court.

(2) If Parliament decided to deal with the people's initiative by the Committee responsible for the verification of elections, the plenary will make a decision within two further months on the subject of the initiative. Previously, the professionally competent Committee hears the representative and the deputy in a public session.

(3) The Parliament regulates through its rules of procedure details of the procedure.

References: Volksabtstimmungsgesetz, 2014 (accessed Jan. 06, 2020)

Subject Matter:

To address Parliament to deliberate about political issues


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6 months
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