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Plebiscite [ATP]
Prince Edward Island, Canada
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Division 13 - Plebiscites

63. Plebiscite
(1) A council may conduct a plebiscite to obtain the public’s opinion on any matter over which the municipality has jurisdiction.

Conduct of plebiscite
(2) A plebiscite shall be conducted in accordance with this Part and the regulations and bylaws of the municipality.

(3) A council shall by resolution establish the question to be considered in a plebiscite conducted by the council pursuant to subsection (1).

(4) The result of a plebiscite conducted pursuant to subsection (1) does not bind the council.

64. Content of plebiscite bylaws
(1) A plebiscite conducted under this Part shall be for a distinct purpose and shall only be valid to the extent that it falls entirely within the jurisdiction of the municipality.

(2) A plebiscite ballot shall not group together two or more different questions, but may include questions incidental to the main question.

Separate votes
(3) Where two or more different questions are to be voted on in the same plebiscite, each question shall be voted on separately. 2016,c.44,s.64.

65. Notice of question
At least 21 days before the first day for voting in the plebiscite, the council shall post the proposed question in accordance with the notice requirements set out in the regulations.

Plebiscite results
66. The municipal electoral officer shall
(a) proclaim the unofficial results of a plebiscite to the voters mmediately after examining the ballot accounts; and
(b) within 24 hours of the close of polls on polling day, prepare a statement in the form approved by the Minister showing the number of votes cast for and against each plebiscite question, and post a copy of the statement in the municipal office.

References: Prince Edward Island Municipal Government Act (accessed July 17, 2021)

Subject Matter:

To call a plebiscite on  on any matter over which the municipality has jurisdiction.


Municipal Council
Municipal Council
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Local Electorate


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None found in legal source
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No special approval quorum found in lehal source
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None found in legal source
Excluded Issues:

Any matter over which the municipality has jurisdiction is possible

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