Baldwin County, Alabama, USA, local Popular or citizens initiative [PCI] - Petition to call an election on tax for hospital purpose

General Typology

Popular or citizens initiative [PCI]
Baldwin County, Alabama, USA
Political level
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Petition to call an election on tax for hospital purpose
Normative Level:
Legally Binding:
Legally Defined:

Amendment 230 ratified

Special District Tax for Public Hospital Purposes in Baldwin County.

In addition to any taxes now authorized or that may be hereafter authorized by the Constitution and laws of Alabama, the governing body of Baldwin county shall levy and cause to be collected annually a special district tax, not exceeding 50 cents on each 100 dollars assessed valuation of taxable property in election precincts numbered one through seven of Baldwin county, Alabama, to be used exclusively for public hospital purposes (..); provided that the time during which such tax is to continue and the purpose thereof shall have been first submitted to a vote of the qualified electors in election precincts numbered one through seven of Baldwin county and voted for by a majority of such electors voting at such election. 

The governing body of Baldwin county may call an election at any time, and it shall be the duty of such governing body to call an election to be held within ninety days after receipt by it of a petition signed by not less than 5% of the qualified electors of said election precincts numbered one through seven, requesting that such election be called. The governing body may call such election to be held at the same time that this amendment is submitted to the electors of the state for ratification (..) No election shall be held hereunder within one year from the date of the last election so held. (..)

Source: Alabama Constitution 1901, (accessed October 18, 2021)

Subject Matter:

To decide about a tax for hospital purpose


Decision maker:


Number Of Signatures:
5% of electorate
Available Time:
Not specified
Turnout Quorum:
Approval Quorum:
Majority of voters
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