Alaska, USA, regional Obligatory referendum [LOR] - Call by Referendum

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Obligatory referendum [LOR]
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Call by Referendum
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Legally Binding:
Legally Defined:

The Constitution of the State of Alaska
Article 13 - Amendment and Revision
3. Call by Referendum
If during any ten-year period a constitutional convention has not been held, the lieutenant governor shall place on the ballot for the next general election the question: "Shall there be a Constitutional Convention?" If a majority of the votes cast on the question are in the negative, the question need not be placed on the ballot until the end of the next ten-year period. If a majority of the votes cast on the question are in the affirmative, delegates to the convention shall be chosen at the next regular statewide election, unless the legislature provides for the election of the delegates at a special election. The lieutenant governor shall issue the call for the convention. Unless other provisions have been made by law, the call shall conform as nearly as possible to the act calling the Alaska Constitutional Convention of 1955, including, but not limited to, number of members, districts, election and certification of delegates, and submission and ratification of revisions and ordinances. The appropriation provisions of the call shall be self-executing and shall constitute a first claim on the state treasury. 

References: Constitution of Alaska (accessed Okt. 18, 2021)

Subject Matter:

Calling a constitutional convention


Authority : Lieutenant Governor
Law : The question must be put to voters every ten years
Decision maker:


Available Time:
10-year period
Turnout Quorum:
Legal source does not mention a turnout quorum
Approval Quorum:
Legal source does not mention a specific approval quorum
Geographical Quorum:
Legal source does not mention a geographical quorum
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Other Formal Requirements:

Procedural Elements

Wording Of Ballot Question:

"Shall there be a Constitutional Convention?"

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