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Popular or citizens initiative and authorities counter-proposal [PCI+]
Aargau, Switzerland
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62 Mandatory referendums
c) ...introduction of the Citizens' initiatives about complete revision of the constitution,
d) The Citizens' initiatives on adoption, amendment and annulment of the constitutional provisions or laws, if the Great Council decided not to endorse them or sets a counter-proposal against them...

64 Submission of the popular initiatives
1 3000 persons eligible to vote, can submit a request of ... the adoption, amendment and annulment of a single constitutional provision or of a law.
2 The request of the popular initiatives are to be considered as general suggestions or, ..., as elaborated drafts.
The popular initiatives calling for a partial revision of the Constitution must be limited to a single uniform regulatory area.

65 Procedure of popular initiatives
3 The Great Council may set a counter-proposal against the popular initiative. In this case the citizens have at the same the right to decide on a General Vote on popular initiative or on an eventual Vote on the counter-proposal.

Ref. : The Constitution of Aargau, 1980 (Accessed 05.11.2019)

22 Determination of the result, absolute majority
1 In determining the result of an election or vote, blank and invalid ballots or votes are disregarded.
2 The absolute excess is calculated as follows: the total number of valid votes is divided by the number of authority members to be elected and half the result. The next higher whole number is the absolute.

Election and voting results
2 For the adoption of a template to be voted on, the absolute majority is required.

5. Submission of the initiative, destruction of the signature lists
1 The signature lists have to be submitted to the State Chancellery in total and no later than 12 months after publication.

(c) Counterproposal
In the case of an initiative request each time it can be contrasted in each ballot with an elaborated proposal or a proposal in the form of general suggestion.
2 About a citizens's initiative and counterproposal it will be voted on at the same time using a single ballot. The majority is determined separately for each template. If both templates achieve a majority of yes-votes, the initiative shall be deemed adopted.

References: Law on Political Rights (GPR) Canton of Aargau, 03.1992 (Accessed 05.11.2019)

Subject Matter:

Adoption, amendment and annulment of the constitutional provisions or laws.


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Number Of Signatures:
Available Time:
12 Months
Turnout Quorum:
Approval Quorum:
Absolute majority - In case of counterproposal, if both templates are successfull, the initiative request is adopted.
Geographical Quorum:
Excluded Issues:
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Procedural Elements

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§ 65 Procedure of popular initiatives
1. The great Council examines first of all, whether a popular initiative complies with the formal requirements, is not inconsistent with Federal Law, unless it is on the legislative right provided by Cantonal Law. Is the requirement not satisfied, the initiative is declared not valid.
2. Where the popular initiative in the form of a general suggestion is valid, so is the Great Council to elaborate an appropriate draft. If the Great Council does not further consider the popular initiative, the citizens then decide, whether it should consider the popular initiative.

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