The Direct-Democracy-Navigator World Fact-Check

The Direct Democracy Navigator is working on a new study following the main question: Why, in general terms, were referendums – initiated by authorities or by citizens - conducted in electoral democracies worldwide?

Guided by the answers given to this questions by David Butler and Austin Ranney as well as Silvano Moeckli this paper is divided into two parts. To be able to provide a well founded thesis, at first the results of the empirical fact-checks are presented according to the way the Navigator classifies direct democratic instruments. Secondly, we try to investigate the empirical data to approach the answer. As a result, the research on one hand will show that Butler/Ranney's and Moeckli's findings can be reinforced. On the other hand they need to be amended by the tradition of the political culture of a country.

On this Blog we will publish the empirical results of the research, starting with

Part I: Plebiscites